Scientists: Revolutionary War general was most likely intersex

Casimir Pulaski. Photo credit:

Revolutionary War general Casimir Pulaski’s remains were discovered and tested, but scientists were confused when the DNA came back indicating Pulaski didn’t have male or female binary genitals.

Researchers suggest that although Pulaski lived and identified as a man, he was likely born intersex, according to the New York Times. The discovery has prompted activists to use Pulaski as an example of what can happen when intersex lives and bodies aren’t tampered with at birth. 

“What’s happening today is so wrong,” Kimberly Zieselman, executive director of interACT, said. “You are erasing people like this person who went on, untouched, to be a war hero.”

The findings were detailed in a documentary called, “The General Was Female?” which aired on the Smithsonian Channel on April 8.