Prince George’s Bisexuality Explored in New Documentary

Prince George, Duke of Kent. Bassano Ltd., National Portrait Gallery

Private Lives of the Windsors, a three-part documentary series, will explore the lives of the royals, including Prince George, Queen Elizabeth’s uncle.

George was said to have had affairs with both men and women, prompting the directors to explore his sexuality, Pink News reported. At a time when homosexuality was illegal, George “dove headfirst” into London’s LGBT nightlife, the series trailer says.

“It was so different from the formal life he had been brought up in,” author D.J. Taylor said, according to Pink News. “Suddenly here, just outside the palace gates was this burgeoning free and easy socially mixed alternative world that he could take and leave as he [chose].”

Though the prince married a woman, he allegedly had a 19-year relationship with a male playwright. The documentary premiered on Monday, Oct. 7 on the Smithsonian Channel.