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Sense8 is a Netflix science fiction series about eight people globally connected through their thoughts.

“The fascination of Sense8 comes from the way the story brings together such diverse people from around the world, forcing them into intimacy they may or may not entirely want,” writes Tasha Robinson in a review for National Public Radio. “The series makes the vastness of the world approachable by reducing it to a science-fiction-friendly, implausible-yet-controlling network of linked people.”

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The characters are certainly interesting from a trans woman hacktivist to a closeted Mexican actor to a Chicago cop haunted by a childhood trauma. The folks writing Sense8 are responsible for the Matrix franchise, so they know what captures attention.

But with success, naturally, comes envy.

It appears a gay porn parody has been made to mock this GLAAD Award winning drama. is the culprit once again.

Yes, the same company that has spoofed Captain America, Superman and Batman flicks has now targeted Sense8.

“We wanted to create an experience where gay men could imagine what it’s like to be inside the bodies of other men, and feel the sensations of seven other guys simultaneously,” director Alter Sin told the Huffington Post.

The result is “Sense8: A Gay XXX Parody” featuring an orgy of muscled men whose prime motivation is — you guessed it — getting laid.

“The guys take advantage of their teleporting power by stripping down and shoving each other’s thick cocks down their throats.”