PornPulse: Masturbation Shopping Suggestions


Last Sunday was National Orgasm Day.

We here at Porn Pulse celebrated on multiple occasions throughout the day. And of course, we were solicited.

In our email box is a message from GameLink promoting a marketplace devoted to men’s pleasure. At, one can find products designed to enhance male masturbation.

“This is a shop run by men, for men. We use the stuff here. We love sex in all its forms. And we’re not just here to sell you stuff: we’re here to answer questions and tell you everything – I mean everything – about what works for us and why,” reads a welcoming message on the website.

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A wide assortment of penis pumps are available at The Milker Duel Cylinder Deluxe Stroking Machine, which retails for $999, appears to be top of the line.

“Let this machine suck your throbbing cock until you’re drained!” reads the description.

Elsewhere, beginners can wade into butt play with a cute little Anal Trainer Pack. The pack contains a Unisex 3 Nozzle Douche System, two anti-bacterial and condom compatible plugs and a 20 ml bottle of silicone Swiss Navy lube. This trifecta of pleasure retails for $34.95.

GameLink, the public relations company representing, pitches the site as a proactive way to empower your sex life: “Find out how masturbating can make you a better lover, help you discover health issues sooner, and even which toys are best for your personal preferences.”