Grindr, a sex hook-up app primarily used by gay men, released data from users who traveled to Brazil for the summer Olympics.

In an email from its communications department, Grindr reports 38,000 users from 109 nations opened the app during the Olympics held in Rio de Janeiro.

Here’s how Grindr dumps the data:

“Grindr users from all over the world have travelled to Rio and are connecting with guys through our app. Score! And when all this diversity comes together in one place, you're bound to notice some things. So which countries are playing to win on Grindr during the Olympics? We created a map to show where everyone is coming from, along with "events" to show who went for the gold. Here's the action that happened away from the sidelines...”

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The numbers are interesting indeed. Brazil, host nation, had the most guys in attendance (28,544) followed by the United States (1,322), Great Britain (411), Argentina (258), Mexico (217) and Spain (180).

When it came to pic swapping, however, it was an entirely different leaderboard. South Africa led the way with 106 daily images sent per guy followed by Qatar (98), Curacao (69), Finland (65), Spain (64) and Guatalama (64).

Qatar, a tiny Arab country on the Persian Gulf, accounted for the most daily messages sent per guy with 436, followed by Curacao (332), Guatamala (291), Bahrain (242), South Africa (240) and Australia (233).

Of the six measurements disclosed by Grindr, Russia was listed just once. A Russian user took the bronze for contacting five different countries.