PornPulse: Adult Star Introduces Trans Man Toy

Are you ready to Buck-Off?

If so, Buck Angel has the tool for you.

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Angel is a trans man adult entertainer. His public relations team reports Angel’s “mission is to alleviate gender dysphoria in trans men.”

Buck-Off is one of the steps. At last month’s Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo in Burbank, California, Angel unveiled Buck-Off, a sex toy specifically designed for FTM (female-to-male) trans men.

“Has great suction. Works amazing,” says Angel in a video demonstration.

Also known as a “stroker,” the Buck-Off is made of ultra-soft SilaSkin and retails for $29.95.

“Loving your new body is what it’s all about,” Angel says.

An award winning adult entertainer, Angel began his career using the moniker “The Man With a Pussy.” In 2005, Angel appeared in Titan Media’s “Cirque Noir” becoming the first trans man in an all-male production.

His 2008 performance in “Buckback Mountain” was nominated for Best Alternative Release” and “Best Specialty Release” at the GayVN Awards.

In recent years, Angel has transitioned to a sex educator role, contributing to projects such as Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better” and speaking about identity politics and gender fluidity.

“When I learned to connect with my vagina and learned how to love it, it changed my life for the better in so many ways. So many men like me have told me that they can’t connect sexually with their bodies or they don’t even want to touch their vaginas, and that makes me so sad,” Angel says in a news release announcing Buck-Off.