Summer never ends in South Florida. Your pool is always a place for sexy guys to congregate and catch a little sun. Even if you’re still away in Long Island or Michigan, don’t be surprised if your pool boy invites over a few of his friends to hang out in cute bathing suits, such as these from Miami-based Rockstar Swimwear. Visit for more information.

Knowing this, maybe you should install some outdoor security cameras…purely for security reasons, of course. Photographer Steven Shires caught up with some of the Johnny’s dancers having a private party of their own.


1) International Playboy, green & gray with a white racing stripe which makes this suit a little racy comes with a price of $54, so you can still afford to jet set.


2) The “66” comes in both red & green…perfect for Christmas. One white stripe on the right & two on the left make this sexy suit a stylish deal retailing for less than $50.

3) This sexy, silver & gray slanted pattern of the Backstage swimsuit also retails for under $50. It can be worn by day, as shown here, but is also stunning for some cocktails & a romantic night with that sexy someone.

4) If getting a few black & blues from some…playtime appeals to you then try on this number, called the Bound. Don’t worry, the $49 price tag won’t hurt you!