NY Bill To Ban unnecessary Surgeries on intersex People

Photo via PxHere.

Sen. Brad Hoylman introduced a bill that would protect intersex children from unnecessary genital surgeries, until they’re old enough to give informed consent.

Surgeries on intersex children meant to “normalize” their genitalia can have lasting damage to nerve endings, reduced sexual function, and the need for hormone therapy, according to CNN Health. Human rights organizations have rallied around Hoylman, supporting the bill.

"These individuals should have autonomy over their bodies. But under the current legal construct, intersex people, as infants or children, can be forced to undergo irreversible surgeries that can cause physical pain and emotional distress later in their lives,” Hoylman said, according to CNN.

Opponents of similar legislation said bills like this are too vague, and don’t specify when someone is old enough to consent, and which surgeries are unnecessary.