Having trouble hooking up on Grindr? Scruff? Yea so are we!

Introducing Hookd.

This new app aims to cut through the bullshit and get straight to the punch.

Rather than focusing on profiles, Hookd focuses on real time requests. Users post messages, similar to Craigslist, for what they’re looking for at that moment.

“If another user’s interests align, they reply with a private message. This approach saves time as users do not have to be online for hours scouring profiles, it also increases transparency and means dating interests are more likely to align,” explains a company press release. “Whether you just want a gym buddy, cinema partner, looking for a serious date or not so serious one, connecting on a request rather than a profile basis is more up to date and thus more efficient. It also saves users the frustration of wasting time contacting irrelevant or inactive users: real time posts last for two weeks and display exactly when the post was initially made.”

We’ll see how many people request a movie date.

It remains to be seen how yet another hook up app can compete with the big boys like Grindr. Other apps have tried, and failed, especially the ones based on a gimmick.

Here’s what a quick scroll through the feed found: “long term,” “just seeing what’s up,” “fun,” and “a great time.”

Let’s hope the boys learn to get more creative with their posts. It looks like they’re stuck with a Grindr way of thinking, rather than a Craigslist mentality.

Hookd has an app for iPhone and Android phones.