NerdWallet Calculates Top 20 Most LGBT-Friendly Cities; No Florida Cities

In honor of Pride Month, NerdWallet calculated the top 20 most LGBT-friendly cities in the United States. Seattle topped the list while California had the most cities, three, on the list. Florida though didn’t make the cut.

In order to calculate the top 20 friendliest cities, NerdWallet considered three factors: presence of gay community, LGBT-friendly laws and opportunities, and LGBT safety and tolerance so it’s no surprise Florida didn’t make it on the list.

The cities were ranked on a scale from zero to 100, zero being the least LGBT-friendly, and 100 being the most. Seattle ranked a 96.81, followed by San Francisco at 90.09. Chicago was tenth and scored a 76.84. Atlanta, which ranked number three, was the only southeast city in the top 20. Other states that had cities in the list were Texas, New Jersey, Minnesota and Illinois.

Many of the cities in the top 20 had pro-LGBT organizations and centers that helped promote LGBT equality in their area such as The San Francisco LGBT Community Center, which provides resources and free services to the LGBT community.

The website also has listed the top twenty most LGBT-friendly cities. See if your hometown made it.

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