The social media campaign to #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend is catching on in the porn world. On June 25, released a trailer for its upcoming Captain America gay porn parody.

Alex Mecum is cast as the shield wielding Captain America, a Marvel Comics superhero, who at long last is featured in a homosexual encounter. Also advertised in the video is Paddy O’Brian playing Cap’s longtime pal, Bucky Barnes a.ka. Winter Soldier.

“I just believe in the manners from a long time ago,” says Mecum’s Captain America character. “When men were men and they stood up for what was right and they treated everyone right.”

Published with the quote, “In heroes we THRUST,” this sneak peak video has more than 45,000 views on YouTube. is home to exclusive models like O'Brian, Johnny Rapid, Colby Jansen and Jarec Wentworth. According to his Twitter profile, Mecum is an exclusive model for

“I’m really excited for these scenes. I had such a great time working with so many great people including @alter_sin ( director),” Mecum tweeted on June 21.

Also joining the cast of the porn spoof is a yet to be named actor as “Black Panther” and a hunky black man dubbed “XL” who plays a patched-eye character named “Fury.”

This isn’t the first superhero gay porn parody presented by The company also released a Batman vs. Superman video starring O’Brian and Trento Ducati and a parody on X-men.