Maryland to add non binary gender marker to driver’s licenses

Photo via the Maryland Vehicle Administration

In a win for genderqueer and intersex individuals, Maryland has just approved a bill that would designated a gender marker “X” as an option for driver’s licenses.

Gov. Larry Hogan still has to sign or veto the bill, which was approved in the Senate last month, according to the Baltimore Sun. If the bill does become law, non binary people can start applying for IDs marked “X” as soon as October.

“Changes to how we think about gender markers across the lifespan can also reduce the pressure families face in choosing an ‘optimal’ sex of rearing at birth, pressure which sometimes impairs their medical decision making and can result in inappropriate surgical intervention on infants,” Matthew Malouf, a Baltimore psychologist told the Washington Blade. “For those individuals diagnosed with one of these conditions, it also allows them to have identification that accurately reflects their physical body.”

The bill also no longer requires people to provide proof of their sex or gender.