Logan Paul Says He’s Asexual After Sex-Filled Trip to Ibiza

Logan Paul, Via Facebook

Youtuber Logan Paul said he’s asexual in his podcast, Impaulsive, following a summer trip to Ibiza.

During a podcast about becoming a professional boxer, Paul spoke about the trip, saying “I fucked all of the libido out of me in Ibiza,” according to Dexerto. The conversation started when Paul’s co-host said he was “having some problems,” referring to his sex-drive.

“I’ve said it on this show before, man… I’m like, legitimately asexual, and it’s so weird because it’s such a departure from just one month ago,” Paul said.

One of his podcast co-hosts said that a study found that vegans have a higher sex drive, and suggested he becomes vegan, but Paul said he’d “rather die.” They also discussed using erectile dysfunction pills.