Intersex Zambians Self-Administer Hormone Therapy

Gift was born intersex, but his mother raised him as a female. Now, 32 years old, Gift is self-administering hormone therapy because the procedures to get them properly prescribed were too costly, he told the Global Press Journal.

Homosexuality in Zambia is a crime, and some intersex people who are mistaken to be gay face discrimination and sometimes arrest. So when Gift tried to level his testosterone medically four years ago, he had to go through a series of tests, and even though he paid a lot of money for them, they kept getting rescheduled. Health professionals in Zambia are blaming this on a lack of trained endocrinologists. 

“The hospital process was just too cumbersome,” he says. “I kept going back and forth for medical examinations for two years, and it was costly, as well as time-consuming.”

So Gift took matters into his own hands by buying the hormones without a prescription from South Africa.