Illinois Governor Signs Order for Transgender Students’ Rights

J.B. Pritzker signing the executive order via Facebook

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed an executive order making sure schools have the resources they need to be inclusive of transgender and nonbinary students.

The executive order creates a task force that will develop policies to keep transgender students safe, according to HuffPost. It also says that schools must have a safe space for LGBT youth. 

“While the LGBTQ community has so much to celebrate, we must also recognize that the trans community that ignited this movement has been left out of many of its victories,” the governor wrote on Twitter. “Visibility and acceptance for non-cisgender people are on the rise, but so are attacks of hate, particularly against black trans women. We’re taking one more step toward securing Illinois’ place as a leader in equality and hope. Under this executive order, ignorance is no longer an excuse for bigotry.”

Pritzker signed the order on the same day as Chicago’s Pride Parade.