Iceland Adds ‘X’ to Gender Options on Official Documents

Intersex Ísland, Facebook

Intersex and non-binary people in Iceland now have the ability to change their gender on legal documents, with the letter ‘X’ denoting neither identifying as male nor female.

The Icelandic Parliament passed the Gender Autonomy Act last week, which gives people the right to change their gender on legal documents to correspond with their experienced gender, according to the Iceland Review. It will also allow minors to change their name and gender with a parent’s consent.

“The bill aims to respect and strengthen the self-determination of each individual as their own understanding of gender identity is the basis for decision-making regarding their public [gender] registration, as others are not better suited for this,” reads a government press release. “The Act is also intended to safeguard the individual’s right to bodily autonomy and a working group will be appointed to ensure the legal status of children born with atypical sex characteristics.”