Georgia Transgender Teen Barred From Running for Prom King

Dex Frier. Photo via GoFundMe

Dex Frier, a senior at Johnson High School in Georgia, said his school wouldn’t let him run for prom king because he’s transgender.

Frier’s friend put together a petition to stand with him and lobby the school to make prom more inclusive and on March 23, they succeeded. Frier was named one of two “Royal Knight” seniors at the prom, according to their petition.

Dex Frier1

(Via: Dex Frier)

“This plan was one of compromise on both sides, and we would like to thank administration, both at the school and county level, for listening and welcoming our concerns—and most importantly, implementing a plan to address them,” Sam Corbett, Frier’s friend who created the petition, said in an update.

johnson Ga highschool

The Hall County School District’s Superintendent denies anyone was ever removed from prom court.