GayVine: Marvel Universe to Introduce Transgender Superhero

Kevin Feige. Photo via Kevin Feige, Facebook

New York Film Academy welcomed the President of Marvel Studios and Chief Creative Officer of Marvel, Kevin Feige for a Q&A with NYFA’s Director of Industry Lecture Series, Tova Laiter recently.

In the Q&A, Feige responded to a question asking if fans could expect more LGBT Superheroes-and specifically any who will be transgender. Feige provided a resolute “yes, absolutely, yes” followed by, “and very soon. In a movie that we’re shooting right now.”

Showing Marvel’s commitment to inclusion following the casting of the first gay character and first deaf character in the upcoming film, “The Eternals.” Marvel will also introduce its first Asian-American superhero, who’ll be seen in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.