GayVine: Kate McKinnon is all of us 

Photo via Kate McKinnon, Facebook

Out Actor and Comedienne Kate McKinnon presented the Carol Burnett award to television host and mogul, Ellen DeGeneres at the 77th Annual Golden Globes held earlier this month.

McKinnon joked with the audience that she was in her mother’s basement lifting weights when she watched Ellen come out at the height of her self-titled sitcom’s success and thought to herself Am I Gay?” She added, I was, and I still am.”  

McKinnons speech shared with the audience an LGBT commonality shared throughout the community when a person experiences seeing their truest self represented in media for the first time. 

She went on to say, Thats a very scary thing to suddenly know about yourself. Its sort of like doing 23andme and discovering that you have alien DNA.” 

McKinnon closed by praising Degeneres for risking her entire life and career in order to tell her truth and allowing all of us to follow our own truths.