GayVine: Dancing on Ice Breaks Heteronormative Barriers

Photo: Courtesy itV.

In a marvelous moment of LGBT visibility, ITV’s “Dancing on Ice” shared the first ever same-sex dance pairing on television with professional skater Matt Evers pairing with Ian ‘H’ Watkins, former member of English Pop group Steps.  

Watkins posted to fans on Instagram following the airing to say, Tonight has been emotional. Ive cried tears of joy! Never did I think this would happen. But tonight, Matt & I have made a little piece of history.” 

Evers told viewers: This journey is going to mean a lot to a lot of people in this country and around the world.” New “Dancing on Ice” judge, John Barrowman was brought to tears watching as the pair glided across the ice saying, I am [emotional]. That makes me happy on a complete multitude of levels just because seeing two men who represent someone who is like me.”