by Kareem Simpson

Each year New York City goes gaga for fashion. Designers from across the world make it their year's top priority to show off their newly formulated wares during this prestigious week.

Over the years, not only has this week become exponentially popular, the side attractions have almost taken center stage. What was once simply a week of fashion shows has morphed into seven days of star studded power and 2009's installation was no exception.


Not only did the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, double-take the Jenni Kayne show, but Celine Dion attempted to hide behind a pair of over sized shades at Mary Louise Parker's fashion show while the omnipotent Natasha Richardson sat just a few seats away.

Even though celebs have definitely beefed up Fashion Week's appeal to lowly star struck homos like myself, the fashion still stands paramount. This being said, we cannot surpass the trends in fashion that will be spilling onto Mainville, USA come Spring 2010.

Every Fashion Week brings out both extremes in design. This year the runways sported everything from Marlin prints, neoprene, and sea shell to the sport minded Olympics themes to include global soccer printed design. Throughout the week, the following trends made it apparent there will be a dramatic trend to move back to baggy basics come next Spring season.

Hang Loose

3.1 Philip Lim transcends the old adage that fashion needs to be cutting edge and unpredictable. Despite the fact that Lim has been influenced with the predisposition to design solely for women, this year, Lim takes a page from dress down days and casual Fridays for this Spring 2010's fashion trend and creates a line for men.

The beatnik tradition is prominent in his design and the infusion of simple and stable colors such as basic black, stony browns and stoic grays keep a sense of vulnerability that will be comfortable for men to wear and enjoy.

In Lim's own words he quips. ""Guys wear black...all year.", suggesting that it is a perfect basic color to work into an upcoming seasonal design. With the intent to break away for the traditional constant of menswear, he created a world of less than form fitting styles to invigorate flexibility and comfort, while still being considered "cutting edge".

In addition, his 80's style rendition of flowing pieces such as pants that incorporate a cull cut, checkered patters and jackets that break lower than what we are used to, adds the reinvention aspect that we all look to expect in new design.

Always Bet On Black

Catapulting from a Fall line of warrior influenced outerwear; Ann Demeulemeester simplifies her Spring 2010 line. Sans layers, she adds the basic black color to signature her line, falling in step with an nontraditional number of other designers.

One example, Demueulemeester takes the traditional black suite, but takes out some of the characteristic adornments such as a shirt. Sensuality is another trend that is spreading though 2010's lineup which is why the use of the color black is so telling, especially when it is being used to fashion a man's wardrobe.

These aspects are exemplified by sheer cardigans, complete with matching top. Sequins is scattered to create the feminine attract-ability. In addition, the incorporation of long silk robes, round off the look.

Not Jus' Yo Baby Daddy

C.P. Company continues in the trend by bringing a conventional look into to 2010. It seems that C.P. Company has taken a walk through the closet of suburban fathers and spiced it with color, the prevalent pattern being the corporation of sports jackets, over coats and light colored pants.

The fashion show began in a causal Sunday wear approach, with simple white tee and loose fitting dark pant. The show progressed into a reversal of the color balance, light colors being associated with bottoms, while the men's top darken with shades of blues and blacks, giving a welcomed up-beat feel for their Spring 2010 lineup.

At this year's Fashion Week, there were definitely many surprises which upturned the eyebrows of even the most seasoned fashion designers and critics alike. Despite the outlying fringes in fashion pho-paus, the overwhelming trend in next year's Spring clothes have been expressed with the aforementioned examples. Take note and be ready to don a new trend this upcoming Spring season.