“Gay” Carved into Bisexual Man’s Stomach

A bisexual Kyrgyzstani man has been forced to flee his country after two consecutive brutal attacks, one of which involved his attackers carving the word “gay” into his stomach.

 In November, the man, identified by PinkNews as A.D., was with a friend, waiting for a cab when three men attacked him. A.D. contacted the police about the incident, and later that month, the three men came back for revenge. They forced vodka down his throat, and he ended up in the hospital with the carving on his stomach.

“I want the evil leaders of our country to be ashamed of the fact that they cannot protect the rights of citizens of their country,” A.D. told PinkNews. “They caused us pain that we will never forget. Even if we die I want to be heard.”

In Kyrgyzstan, 84 percent of the LGBT community reported physical violence.