Founder Of Gender Identity Watch Steps Aside

The controversial anti-transgender blog Gender Identity Watch posted that the site was no longer being run its founder Cathy Brennan, a self-described "radical lesbian feminist.”

In an Oct. 7 post titled, "Gender Identity Watch Changes Hands," the blog announced it now be run by WoLF (Women's Liberation Front), a radical feminist organization "dedicated to the total liberation of women," according to their website. 

The posting included a statement from Brennan.

"In 2012, I started Gender Identity Watch because it was abundantly clear that transgenderism was a tsunami devastating the rights of women and girls, and it would be important to understand how that wave grew.”

Over the years Brennan has been accused of using Gender Identity Watch as a conduit for a variety of insensitive acts toward trans women, including outing trans kids at their schools as well as contacting trans women's employers and personal physicians. 

Several of Brennan's accusers have posted compelling evidence which suggests that the accusations against Brennan could be true, such as an email allegedly sent by Brennan to the personal physician of trans woman Emily Horsman

Also posted was a Facebook messagesent by Brennan to a woman's mother.

When SFGN reportedon Brennan's alleged actions in 2014, several people sent emails and wrote comments online claiming to have been targeted by Brennan.

More than 9,000 people signed a petitionasking the Southern Poverty Law Center to monitor Gender Identity Watch as a hate group.

In a 2014 interview with SFGN, Heidi Beirich, director of the Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Project stated: "We don't list them (GIW) as a hate group because it's a blog and we don't compile a list of hate websites anymore, largely because it was becoming impossible to track what was happening on the web."

Gender Identity Watch is now coming under fire.

According to a blog posting at the WoLF website, the blog was taken offline by Wordpress on Nov. 16 for "malicious publication of private details related to gender identity, including former names." 

WoLF hired an attorney, who, in a letter to Wordpress, demanded that Gender Identity Watch’s files be turned over to WoLF so that the blog could be reposted under a different server. 

According to WoLF, their legal counsel was obtained "thanksto the generosity of Cathy Brennan."

Shortly thereafter Gender Identity Watch was restored to the web with a different server.

On Dec. 5, an interview with Brennan was posted at Gender Identity Watch regarding Brennan's founding of "The Pussy Church Of Modern Witchcraft," a lesbian feminist religious organization. 

Though it's been claimed that Brennan is no longer running Gender Identity Watch, it would appear that she is still a part of the blog. 

There is no indication that anyone from the WoLF organization has been involved in Brennan's alleged behavior toward trans women.

SFGN reached out to WoLF attorney Trisha Scott, who declined to comment. Brennan, Wordpress attorney Paul Sieminski, and the WoLF board did not respond to SFGN's request for comment.