A gay innovator and entrepreneur in Miami is offering the world a new way to find the best goods and services in your own backyard. Omer BarSadeh came up with the idea for ZieBest.com – launched on January 1, 2017 - when he relocated from California to south Florida and needed a pair of eyeglasses to correct his astigmatism.

That negative experience and the thought that others must be subjected to the same difficulties, led him to create Ziebest which takes a unique approach. Unlike Zagat, Yelp, Angie’s List or other broad-based customer-review driven sites, Ziebest is the world’s only video-driven directory of businesses in your area.

BarSadeh said, “Ziebest presents only the top choice in every field in each zone that we cover. The user does not need to sift through dozens of choices and make a decision based on dubious reviews. We present you with only the best, and we bring you into that business with a brief – about two minutes – video that shows you the office, the shop, the goods, the staff and owners. When you go to Ziebest.com and examine a business, you become familiar with that business in a real way through the video we make and present exclusively on our site. There are two additional benefits. On Ziebest, you’ll find promos and special offers made available by the businesses profiled that are offered exclusively to Ziebest users. And, at the bottom of the page you’ll see listings related to your search. For instance, if you are planning a party and search for a caterer, you might see a suggestion for a florist or a DJ. The idea is to provide convenience and speed for the user who is trying to get the best of anything.”

If Ziebest is selecting only one choice in a zone, how does it make that selection? BarSadeh says that there are a number of routes to selection. A third party recommendation, a contact by the company itself, and his own staff investigation that often involves unannounced and secret visits to the business. A listing on Ziebest lasts for one year. At that time, the client company has the option of renewing for a second year. If they choose not to renew, a different company in the same field may take its place.

How does Ziebest make money? The user who goes to the website pays nothing. The companies profiled get their listing for free, but they pay a modest fee for the creation of the video appearing on the site. These videos are classy, informative, enjoyable and geared to give the user a clear sense of what to expect when approaching the company.

What happens if you have a negative experience with any of the companies highlighted on Ziebest? BarSadeh understands that his concept rests on the premise of excellence, so if he should ever receive a complaint from a user, he and his staff will make a thorough investigation. If the client or customer seems to be correct, the company will be pulled off Ziebest. Because companies do not pay to be listed and because BarSadeh retains ownership of the video during the first year of the listing, he has the right to de-list any company that does not live up to the very high standards of Ziebest.

Like Zagat, Ziebest is entirely subjective. A user becoming acquainted with the businesses profiled on the site should develop respect for BarSadeh’s ability to find and present excellence, and come to trust the quality of his suggestions.

Because Ziebest is newly launched and not yet operational in zones across the country, BarSadeh chose Fort Lauderdale as the pilot zone in which to test and fine tune his site. He rapidly acquired dozens of listings – you’ll find them on the site – representing restaurants, barber shops, spas and events in a swiftly growing number of categories that target men and women both straight and/or gay in the Fort Lauderdale area.

BarSadeh demonstrated two listings in Fort Lauderdale that will be of interest to gay men. Cabanas Spa and Dick’s Service Station.

Ziebest is the latest in a series of successful ventures for BarSadeh in the video and film production industry. From Israel, he first came to the U.S. as a teenager with a group of touring Israeli scouts who performed at venues across the country.

In Israel, he got his education and experience in media. He moved to California where video production was more lucrative. He relocated to South Florida, and now lives in North Bay Village in Miami. BarSadeh looks handsome, energized and ready to make Ziebest a success.