Wanna get your dick sucked with that cup of coffee?

Talk about an up-sell.

Yes, we have a reached a point in our great society where one can get a blowjob at a café. In a report published by The Independent, a British tabloid, investors are ramping up plans to introduce a “Fellatio Café” this winter.

“A waitress is going to serve the coffee. Sex workers are only going to touch the clients' genitalia,” Bradley Charvet told the Independent in a story published Aug. 3.

Charvet, reportedly, is the founder of Fellatio Café — a Geneva, Switzerland based enterprise. He told the Independent he intends to place the café in London’s Paddington neighborhood and there will be no alcohol sold, just coffee.

For 50 pounds, a Fellatio Café customer can enjoy all the coffee their heart desires. If the fellatio lasts longer than 15 minutes then surcharges will be applied, Charvet said.

“Décor will be white, black and pink with some baroque-style chairs,” Charvet told the newspaper.

Presently there are no plans to allow female customers, Charvet said, but that could change based on supply, demand and labor laws.