Chronos for Men, Step-by-Step

There is an overwhelming assortment of skincare products out there for men, thanks in part to the “metrosexuals” of ten years ago. Yet there are now so many products available that shopping at any price level—whether you frequent pharmacies or boutiques—is overwhelming.

Chronos for Men, a skincare company based in West Hollywood, California, realizes men—regardless of sexuality—are confused by what’s out there. Chronos breaks their product line down into an alphanumeric system with sensible face washes, line serums, and a light moisturizer. The products come in smaller bottles, are used minimally so they last a long time, and are priced… without any fine lines!

The product starts off with A.1, Active Cleanser and A.2, Gentle Cleanser. While A.1 is for normal to oily, and A.2 is for dry/sensitive to normal, I found using both gave me the best results. My skin is a combination, normal to oily. It gets lightly oily in my T-section, forehead and nose, by the end of a warm, South Florida day. Therefore I use A.1 at night after work and before bed. This is especially good for evening use after time in the sun, as it has aloe vera. I use the lighter A.2 in the morning before going to work, when my skin is fresh.


The HA Line Serum, or B.1, is a light, anti-aging and line defense that is recommended for daytime use. Product B.2, the Glycolic Line Serum, is slightly heavier and meant for evening. I have found my skin, especially my forehead and eyes, seem to be smoother.

Now, we all need a little moisture in our lives and on our skin. However, if you have ever ventured out in the hot morning sun here, you know that, unless your skin is especially dry, the sun will melt if off before your pores soak it up. Therefore, if you are not particularly dry I recommend putting this on as soon as you can before heading off to work—or out into a humid night—at least 20 minutes before you leave the cool confines of home.

While the products do not currently have an SPF, they are so light and well-balanced that putting on a trusted, facial SPF after you apply C.1 makes them a worthy addition to your skin-care regiment.

The line, launched in April, comes from Trent Pace, who has experience in product and research development for a naturopathic company. Chronos also has a silent partner, a veteran of the cosmetic industry for over 20 years.

“The response from the public has been positive,” said Pace. “We have had no complaints whatsoever.”

When asked why Pace and his business partner did not develop their website to be one with a recurring subscription, his response was adamant.

“We did a lot of research, and that’s one thing we really didn’t like about other companies. At Chronos, we don’t want you to get locked into a subscription for the products, then you end up with a vanity filled with unused products. If you like our product,” said Pace, “by all means keep ordering more.”

Due to the success of Chronos for Men, they do intend to release a C.2 product, an SPF moisturizer. Going forward, they plan on expanding their potions and lotions.

“We plan on an E line, for body grooming. The F line will be the shaving portion of things. So far, things have been great,” said Pace. “We hope to launch the other lines as soon as we can.”

For more information, or to order a free sample of the C.1 Light Moisturizer while supplies last, visit

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