Chinese Transgender People Self-Medicating, Performing Dangerous Procedures

Photo via Pxhere.

Chinese transgender men and women are using black market drugs and performing surgeries on themselves in an attempt to transition.

A report from Amnesty International, a human rights group, uncovers the hardships and discrimination transgender people face in China, and what they resort to as a result, according to CNN. 

"Interviewees give examples of them being discriminated against at work, being told by employers not to wear (their) hair long, or not to wear to wrong clothes -- 'You're driving away customers.' At home their family will tell them to suppress their gender identity: 'Be a man or have a child,'" Amnesty International China researcher Doriane Lau told CNN.

To legally have a gender-affirming surgery in China, a patient has to be over 20, unmarried, and have gone through a year of therapy, CNN reports.