It's holiday time! It's time for everyone to break open that piggy bank for those in our lives whom we love above all.

Here's a few items that might be worthy of a nice gift wrapping:


Barbra Streisand: Back to Brooklyn

Babs' 2012 concert tour is now available in a CD/DVD combo. The extraordinary show features the great diva on stage with her gorgeous, now openly gay son Jason Gould for the first time. Jason also sings an impressive solo number, showing that he inherited Mom's pipes.

Other onstage guests include the young Italian tenor group Il Divo, who join Barbra for a stunning rendition of Charlie Chaplin's classic song Smile.  Barbra sings many of her greatest hits, recalls her childhood in Brooklyn NY, all while looking decades younger than her actual age. This unforgettable show will get the Barbra fan in your life right into the joyous spirit of the holiday season.

All for a mere $18.74 at Amazon.

Hello gorgeous!

Marry Me A Little: Songs By Stephen Sondheim (Ghostlight Records)

Not that we would ever promote stereotypes, but gay men have been known to develop a fondness for musical theater. The Great White Way rarely gets gayer than the delightfully gay composer Stephen Sondheim. This cast recording of the 2013 New York revival of Sondheim's classic musical Marry Me a Little is a sheer delight.

Through song, the show explores themes of longing and desire. The tear inducing title tune, and numbers like Can That Boy Foxtrot--the gayest song EVER--will make those toes go tap-tap-tapping.

This disc would make a great holiday gift for couples.

Philip Chaffin: Somethin' Real Special (PS Classics)

Crooner Chaffin owns and operates PS Classics with his husband. The record label is dedicated to bringing the finest theater music to discriminating fans. Chaffin is also a performer in his own right, performing in theaters around the country.

On this lovely, newly recorded CD, Chaffin pays tribute to lyricist Dorothy Fields.

Feilds (1905-1974) won an Oscar in 1936 for co-authoring the song The Way You Look Tonight from the Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers musical Swing Time. Fields' career thrived for forty years at a time when women were not seen as composers. These days, her name is somewhat forgotten, even though her lyrics remain popular. At his 2009 inauguration, President Barack Obama paraphrased Field's legendary song Pick Yourself Up: "Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again," she wrote in the 1930s.

If you're gift hunting for a musical theater lover, consider the gift of Dorothy Field's lovely lyrics as performed by Philip Chaffin's velvety smooth voice.


Bruno Gmuender offers some of the hottest 2014 calendars around, most of which are based on their equally hot photo coffee table books. There are calendars for every taste, but the hot models in the pics might distract you from remembering whatever appointments you might need to keep.

Hombres 2014 showcases the homoerotic photos of Joan Crisol. If you like scantily clad, buffed Latin boys…

Gods of Sports 2014 offers a selection of pics from Pedro Virgil's best selling book. Gasp…

Like a little body hair?

Jim French 2014 Classic Fur presents photos from the sexy vaults of Colt Studio photographer Jim French. It's masculinity personified.

All American 2014 showcases 12 photos of the scantily clad boys next door.

Check out these and other hot calendars (and sexy coffee table books) at:

Hey, you can always buy a holiday gift for yourself!


More sexy gifts abound at Jockstrap Central, a great place for couples to buy naughty gifts for each other. When you give your boyfriend or partner some scanty undies, you can say “it's for you, dear.” Only you need to know that's actually a gift for you, a gift that'll keep on giving every time he wears it!



San Francisco based Nalukai offers a series of dog tag styled pendants produced with shiny, sterling silver, glittering gold and rose gold. Produced to celebrate the hard won equalities we've already won, and those we will win, the pendants can be worn by men, women, or teens. The simple design enables the wearer to proudly display the word equality around their necks wherever they may be the lovely pieces can be bought in pairs as gifts for couples. For Christmas, Chanukah, or for a wedding!

Nalukai is a Hawaiian word which means "a wise soul who has weathered life's storms.”

That's us!

Check out the catalogue at


Of course you can't give a gift without a nice card to go with it. To that end, Brooklyn resident Ryan founded Out Loud Greeting Cards, a small business which designs and prints LGBT greeting cards for all kinds of occasions. Ryan's cards can be tied in with weddings, coming out, Pride, and other queer celebrations. Though he has yet to offer cards specific to the holiday season, some of his Love cards make a nice addition when gift giving to that special someone.

Check out:

Everything Else

If you still haven't found that perfect gift, head over to for everything under the sun.

The gay owned company offers a gaggle of gift giving delights: all sorts of things that you may never have imagined. Items include clothing, jewelry, naughty underwear, decals, even gifts for gay pets.

If you haven't found it anywhere else, you might just find it here!

Happy Holidays!