Bisexuals Less Likely to be Out Than Gay People

SFGN File Photo

Under a fifth bisexual adults are fully out to the important people in their lives. In contrast, 75 percent of gay and lesbian adults say the same.

That’s what a recent analysis from Pew Researchsays. While only 19 percent are fully out, over a quarter of bisexual adults aren’t out to any of theimportant people in their lives, compared to four percent of gays and lesbians.

“The experience of coming out to friends and family can be complex. Many bisexuals say they haven’t come out to their parentsbecause they didn’t feel it was important to tell them or the subject never came up,” Pew Research said.

The vast majority of bisexual adults with partners (88 percent) are in a relationship with the opposite sex, but 43 percent say they are equally attracted to men and women.