Bisexual Serial Killer’s Land Up for Sale

Photo via Facebook

Herb Baumeister, a bisexual man, strangled at least 25 men he met in gay bars in the late 80s. Now, you can buy some of the land where he buried his victims’ remains in Westfield, Indiana.

Noah Herron, who purchased a plot of land just north of Baumeister’s home, wants to sell three lots and build a home for his family there, according to the Indianapolis Star. He’s bringing his project in front of a public hearing in June, and he’s well aware of the murders. He said the beauty of the land is too good to pass up. 

"We asked neighbors around there if they've ever seen ghosts, and they said no. So we're good," Herron said, according to The Star. "I wanted to make a joke at the council meeting and say that we hope we don't find any bones while we're building, but I decided to keep it professional."

Baumeister fled to Canada and committed suicide after police began investigating the property in 1996.