Bisexual Navy Veteran To Sue After Being Stripped of His Medals

Photo via Pxhere

Joe Ousalice, 68, a bisexual British navy veteran served for 18 years before being kicked out and stripped of his awards in 1993.

The British armed forces banned LGBT service members until 2000, according toCNN. Now, Ousalice will sue the Ministry of Defense if they don’t restore his medals and awards for his time in service. 

"I was made to feel like I was disgusting and in the end I was hounded out on some trumped-up charges, and told that because I was attracted to men, my 18 years of service counted for nothing," Ousalice told CNN. "It was heartbreaking. It took me years to recover."

Ousalice was accused of indecency in a civilian court, indecent assault, and conduct not suited for the navy. He was also forced to come out publicly as bisexual. All Ousalice wants now is recognition for his 18 years in service.