Bisexual Bruneian Man Condemns Anti-Gay Penal Code

SFGN File Photo

A self-proclaimed liberal Muslim man, who is also bisexual, has condemned Brunei’s new law — the death penalty for gay sex.

The man, who the Washington Blade didn’t name, said the new laws are polarizing the country even further, with strict Muslims who support them, and people who are vehemently against them, according to the Blade. And he said those who support them don’t know the consequences of what they’re supporting.

“I don’t think they are fully aware of the political, socio-cultural and economic impacts these laws may present, or event worse, I don’t think they care,” he wrote. “As they are blinded and feel they will be protected by God for being a more pious nation.”

Brunei’s new penal code was set in place in early April.