Bisexual Actress Isn’t ‘Authentically LGBTQ’ Enough For Queer Role

Briana Venskus

Briana Venskus, an openly bisexual actress from the show “The Walking Dead,” lost a queer role for not being “authentically LGBTQ” enough.

She then took to Instagram with a picture of her holding up a middle finger to question this “Hollywood stereotype.”

“I’m so tired and frustrated with this Hollywood stereotype of LGBTQ. What does that even mean to be ‘Authentic LGBTQ’? Do I not look the part to you? What does the ‘part’ of LGBTQ look like to you Hollywood if actual LGBTQ people can’t even be seen as ‘Authentic’,” Venskus wrote in the caption.

Venskus came out as bisexual in 2015 at the premier of Netflix’s “Grace & Frankie.”

“I am a bisexual woman, I am in the LGBTQ community, and I live AUTHENTICALLY every damn day,” she wrote.