It was erroneously reported in SFGN last week that swimsuit and men’s fashion boutique Ball, which has been a fixture on Wilton Drive since 2002 closed recently. However, a recent visit to their intimate location in the Shoppes of Wilton Manors revealed a healthy business amid a shaky economy.

Ball originally was established in Miami, before opening the Wilton location. There is also another location in Provincetown, Mass. Gio Romano, owner of Ball, is aware that “location, location, location,” coupled with knowing the needs of your clientele is essential for business to thrive. In fact Romano attributes success from Ball’s strategic location on the Drive. Of course, having a unique product is also important.

“We make our own swimsuits in the back of the store,” said Romano. “The number one seller is the “BUCK.” It has a built-in cock ring. The way we have designed the suit is not only will you look like you are packing in front but the way we made the back of the suit gives you a bubble butt.”

In addition to the swimsuits they make, Ball carries a variety of fun, fashionable clothes for the gay on the go. Romano also believes being honest to his customers is key.

“If our customers look bad in our suits we will tell them to try something that will look better on them,” said Romano. “You never want to just make the sell and see the customer later on and have them go off on you!”

After all, if an employee were approached with negative reviews at Sebastian Beach, such an incident could draw unflattering attention, ultimately to Romano’s product line.

He also believes honesty with customers brings them back, but being kind to staff keeps them happy and loyal. In fact, currently Romano is in Provincetown’s Ball location, gearing up for summer season there while his staff is minding the store in Florida.

“I tell my staff in both locations how important they are to my business. They are my eyes and ears when I am not around,” he said. “In fact if it was not for my staff I would not have known about what’s going on in Wilton Manors. Gossip could hurt small businesses and people like me.”

Romano is as gracious about SFGN’s error, as Ball is fashion forward.

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