Asexual Teen Murdered One Day After Coming Out

Bianca Devins via Instagram

Bianca Devins, a 17-year-old Instagram influencer, came out as biromantic asexual to her followers during a Q&A. One day later, she was murdered.

Brandon Andrew Clark, 21, partially decapitated Bevins with a knife and called 911. He then proceeded to stab himself in the neck, take pictures of her body, and post them online, according to Out.

“I have seen the pictures. I will FOREVER have those images in my mind when I think of her. When I close my eyes, those images haunt me,” Kaleigh Nicole, Devins’ step-mom, wrote on Facebook. “Imagine sitting there, in disbelief and praying to God that this is all some mistake and that your baby will walk through the door any minute. Now imagine seeing those pictures and having everything in you break. Imagine not even being able to yell out and scream or cry because your soul has now just been broken.”

Clark was charged with second-degree murder.