Producers of “Love Island,” a British dating show, put down claims they are encouraging intersex and non-binary individuals to apply to be featured on the next season.

The Sun claimed the show was welcoming “male, female, intersex, and non-binary,” applicants, but the producers are saying the application hasn’t changed, according to Metro, they are just asking applicants to choose which they identify with.

The show has received criticism from fans for not being LGBT inclusive, but producer Richard Cowles says he is “open to everything.”

“We’ve had bisexual people in the show before. It’s a dating show and what makes that quite difficult is you need everyone to fancy everyone, so it’s quite hard to get people who are gay and heterosexual in the same place, because simply enough, they don’t fancy each other,” Cowles told BANG Showbiz. 

Cowles also mentioned he would be open to producing a second version of the show for same-sex couples.