23 Percent of Young Black Women Identify as Bisexual

SFGN File Photo

The most recent General Social Survey by the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) found that 23 percent of black women ages 18-34 identify as bisexual.

According to media site Big Think’s sociologists, that number is nearly three times higher than a decade ago. They compared the spike in young black bisexual women to the gender gap in college completion. In 1980, black women started outpacing black men in college degrees. 

“Perhaps when it comes to sexuality, black women are also ahead of the curve. If that's the case — and if this trend continues — we might expect women of other races to follow suit,” sociologists Tristan Bridges and Mignon Moore wrote.

Bisexuality among women of other races is still up from a decade ago — 5.5 percent versus 1.5 percent — but not to the same degree as black women.