These are just a few of the letters to our editor every week. This week we chose to publish letters about President Donald Trump & Pig Week.

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Wayne Has Some Good Points On Pig Week

After reading all the comments concerning "Pig Week," I feel that Wayne has some good points.  I know Wayne personally and the two of us survived the Gay Holocaust of AIDS.  In metro Stuart I know of 40 plus people that died from HIV. 

Wayne and me are long time survivors (both HIV negative).  The people who wrote letters need to read "And the Band Played On" by the deceased Randy Shilts (who died of AIDS himself).  If there is a next sexual revolution there will always be a bug out there that will cause another plague.

– John 

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Reader Blasts Anonymous Trump Supporter 


Bravi, Kudos & Mazel Tov to you for publishing this utter nonsense. It takes balls” (for lack of a better way to put this sensibly, at the moment) on your part as journalists. Too bad this gay lugnut didnt have any (i.e. balls) himself and submitted this drivel secretly.

Also, many many thanks to Jason Parsley for including our photo in the A Day in LGBT South Florida” issue.

All the best always,

– Armando Pazos

Make America Great Again 

Not all of your readers are liberal 

First off, it’s about time you as editor of SFGN realize that every LGBT etc. person is not a democratic voter as you ASSUME each week you publish your one sided views. 

I had to look three times at the paper I was reading because you let a Trumper like myself have a physical opinion in this paper.

In 2020 we will continue to see things moving forward in the right direction for all of our country because of TRUMP and on election night the left will again ask what happened. 

Everyone I know is voting for the Token GAY guy just like they voted for the token BLACK guy but the reality is that ACTIONS are louder than mere words.

Im sure the left will condemn your paper for letting the Leave Trump Alone” article to appear in the paper...So I say to you let them...let them call me names as well. I dont care, as I was told long ago by a dear friend, I dont care what people say, they dont pay my bills.

– Rob


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Stop Using the Word ‘Stigma,’ Reader Says

You wrote, Boyne also discussed how stigma impacts mental health and living with HIV.” 

Stigma is the victimizers' term, when the victim adopts it, the victimizer has won. 

It should be written like this, Boyne also discussed how disinformation impacts mental health and living with HIV.”    

— Harold A Maio