Readers Respond to Publisher’s Editorial on Ryan Uhre

Edward F Mitzel

Dear Norm Kent,

I have just read your article in SFGN regarding Ryan Uhre. It is a well written and respectful editorial. I want to thank you for your words. I hope that an honest examination of and dialogue regarding this tragic event may help others, gay or straight, male or female, avoid such a fate. Thank you.

Rich E

Your article mentions nothing about why Grindr mattered. Surely police would have tried to geo-locate his phone, without the need for Grindr to say how far away he is. How old are you?

Ask — Rich E

They're not talking about using Grindr just to see how far away he is. Grindr could obviously be used to find out who he had been in contact with that night and previously. Had he set up a hook-up for that night? Did any of his past hookups know anything that could have helped out in the investigation? It's obviously important here. It has nothing to do with age, so spare us the ignorant ageism at the end of your comment.

Heidi J.

There are many factors that go into a family's decision about what they do or do not publicly reveal in a missing persons case. We don't know the reasons behind their decisions, and I think it's impossible for those of us who aren't involved to draw any meaningful conclusions from the family's decision. Know this: the family loved (and still loves) Ryan fiercely. Kudos to the author, though, for handling this editorial sensitively and gently.

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