Peter Thiel is a Gay Uncle Tom

Interesting how your coverage on Republicans has changed from demonizing Trump and his supporters, until he was elected president by electoral votes but not by the majority of Americans who voted, to putting a Republican Gay Uncle Tom on the front page of your paper and labeling him your person of the year.  

When the Black community was rising up and asking for a place at the table that wasn't at the back of the bus, they labeled members of their community who accepted their second class citizenship and kowtowed to the ruling majority whites as Uncle Toms. It looks like we have plenty of our own Uncle Toms in the Gay community who want to try keep us in our place, which used to be behind bars in jails or mental institutions for dancing together or associating with one another in public. Yes, why care about who uses the bathrooms or being told to sit in the back of the bus or to not sit at the lunch counter etc., etc., when we need to focus on working to make rich Americans like Peter Thiel even richer.  

What do you think the Democrats who read your paper should call you now that the wind has changed and being a Gay Uncle Tom like Peter Thiel to be in on the money seems to be your newspaper's new agenda as the way to go now that Trump has been elected President? Rarely has there ever been anything ever in the history of the Republican Party, except Lincoln freeing the slaves to encourage the desertion of slaves in Confederate troops the Union was fighting, in the Republican platform about humanity as it's always about the money to them, which includes how to set up government to exploit the poor and working classes to make more money for themselves, how to set up tax laws to not have to pay their fair share of taxes that support the U.S. military that has historically been used to protect their business ventures on foreign soil, and how to politically crush anyone who attempts to level the playing field for the have-nots if they attempt to be part of the American Dream.  

Most polite people will probably just refer to you as a fair weather friend for supporting the Democrats when it looked like they were winning but then turned to attacking them after their loss.  This reminds me of stories I read of a small number of Jews in Hitler's Germany working hand in hand with the Nazi's once they were voted into power while incorrectly thinking this would serve to protect their own lives before they too ended up being railroaded off to concentration camps, so after you put Uncle Tom Thiel on your cover as person of the year, less than polite people may be referring to you by using names other than Fair Weather Friend since we haven't yet come to that point where the majority of Americans are going to roll over peacefully and let the Republicans take away what's left of what the Republicans haven't already attempted to take from hard working Americans because of the archaic Electoral College system that awarded the first place prize to the second place winner of the majority of votes placed by Americans for the second time in recent history to the favor of Republicans who got us into two foreign wars and perpetuated the near collapse of the American economy. 


Richard Claycomb  


Norm Kent is a Traitor 

This should be the end of Norm Kent and his Johnny come lately rag in a real progressive gay community. HotSpots should pick up the pace and leave this old rich white gay man in the rear view mirror of South Florida's memory. The Pride community organizers should cut themselves loose from the tentacles of his grasp. May I personally say "Fuck You and Your Rag Norm." May many more repeat "Fuck You and Your Rag Norm" for your siding with a man who help elected Trump by speaking at the convention of an anti-gay rights party - as detailed in the 2016 GOP platform. Your true colors are on display. I will not be picking it up - and in the event I happen to see a business advertising in it - I will avoid them. I hope the bars and restaurants of the drive hit you in the wallet for this traitorous act.



This Is Treason! 

Mr. Kent 

This is your magazine and you have the right to honor whoever you want but nevertheless, you have honored a man who helped to elect Donald Trump and countless other Republicans across the country at every level of government. Trump isn't even yet in office and Republicans have already begun to talk about rolling back rights for LGBT and other minorities. They are talking about ending both social security and Medicare as we know it. They want to repeal Obamacare right away. Some conservatives have even called for the CDC to end funding of HIV/AIDS programs because "no male should ever have anal sex with another male."

Thiel supports the same man who is supported by anti-Semites, the KKK, and other white supremacy groups. By supporting a Republican, any Republican, you are committing treason against your community here in South Florida and against our LGBT tribe of people everywhere.

Furthermore, your editorials supported Florida's medical marijuana initiative. Do you think Republicans are going to support marijuana legalization across the country or will they be succumb to pressure by their religious right base?

  • Ð Chris Gardner


Mr. Kent Shame On You

This started out as a rather lengthy dissertation and analysis on your selection of Peter Thiel as SFGN Person of the Year, but in keeping with the nonsensical tweeting of the President-elect and others in his cabinet, including those who tweet out fake news like a general very close to him and his son, I have decided anyone who attempts to normalize Donald Trump and those around him, including Peter Thiel, doesn't deserve so much of my time.  You see, I will be 60 years old in 2017 and I have seen many of the wars gay people have fought in the 70's and 80's and up until now, and to parade Peter Thiel around as if he is some sort of hero causes me both alarm and confusion and disappointment in SFGN.  I have always been taught, and it has proven itself to be true all my years, that you are known by the company you keep.

And when that company you keep is anti-science, anti-knowledge, anti-education, pro-white supremacy, pro-Nazi, anti-woman, anti-immigrant, anti-minorities, pro-voter suppression, anti-choice (do I need to go on?  you get the picture), and yes, anti-gay, that tells me all I need to know about you.  You yourself point out that Peter Thiel has tossed his lot in with such people, as has Donald Trump.  Peter Thiel is but one voice to be drowned out by many racists, homophobes, etc who have already demonstrated the influence they have on Donald Trump's tweets and speeches and proposed policies.  You place the nation's hopes on your "hope" that Thiel will have some sort influence to impart "some" wisdom and guidance.  Uh huh.  Peter Thiel was trotted out to give some sort of fake semblance that Trump is inclusive, much like putting that one black face in the crowd right behind Trump while speaking at his rallies, only to find out later that that person had no fucking clue about how they were being used.  The only inclusivity Thiel adds to Trump is one of being a member of the white billionaire's boys club that now makes up 95% of Trump's cabinet.  So much for "draining the swamp" and power to the working class.

I did not hear Peter Thiel denounce all the hate and bigotry around Trump.  Maybe he did, but that lone voice of "hope" you tout is surely being drowned out by the hate-filled throngs around Trump and out here in the rest of the country.  Those are the voices you hear most, and those are the ones that have Trump's ear.  You celebrate some of the accomplishments of Peter Thiel, and perhaps he should get that credit.  But to me, and millions more of us gay folks, you discredit those things when you throw yourself in with a man who just got elected by appealing to the worse in our country, to the fears and prejudices of others in order to get elected.  To Peter Thiel I say once again, you are known by the company you keep.  

To you, Mr. Kent, I say shame on you and the SFGN for attempting to normalize people and events by celebrating a gay man who has taken his billions of dollars and decided he wanted to sit at the table with such awful, and yes Hillary, deplorable people who are attempting to make this country a miserable place for many of our friends and family members.  Because as Mr. Thiel knows, his billions automatically gives him easy access to healthcare and the other benefits of being rich and powerful that even his own gay brethren are about to either have challenged, reduced and out right taken away...if we are to believe the President-elect and those around him.

I say it again, this was a shameful selection for Person of the Year and I am a totally appalled at the supposed logic behind it.  I will now be more likely to pass by the copies laying out for me to pick up and take into my home.

Stewart Lowery

Coral Springs, FL