SFGN recently published an article or opinion piece by Christopher Murphy, regarding the gay polo event in Wellington Florida, and the entire league, asking or telling people not to attend.

It has also been brought to my attention that this may in fact be a vengeful move, due to the fact that Gay Polo has chosen because of expenses, not to advertise in your publication.

I dare say, this piece would have been written with a different slant if they sent you money, the very thing that Christopher points fingers at, as if all about money!

I find it disheartening that you choose to attack the group, that includes many people who are responsible for working on legislation to shut down all horse auctions, that sell to kill buyers in the entire U.S.

It in fact, is people in the horse community, which includes gay polo, who are working tirelessly on the issue of horse slaughter, that you seem to broad stroke with your opinion about what happens to horses, as if those particular horses used in gay polo, will in fact go to slaughter!

Horse people are doing more for rescuing animals of all types, then any other single group of people in this country! They have the compassion and resources to make positive change! We are animal people, so before you go trashing an event due to your own lack of knowledge, educate yourself with facts, isn't that what journalism is about?

You as a publication should in fact encourage your readers to attend and support the event, instead of choosing to bully them, as if you are PETA! Looks bad on your part and certainly not playing fair!

Oh and btw, I am a gay woman living full time in South Florida! What if I encourage your advertisers, to not advertise with you? You very well could have written a nice piece on the history of gay polo and why it was started and then asked them to distribute or plug SFGN, to many of your more affluent gays in the area! Tsk tsk!

If you really had the entire truth about what you are referring, it might be different, but this article should not have made it past a good publisher’s desk!

Warmest regards,
Caren Hunter

[Editor’s Note: The article that this reader is referencing was a letter to the editor not an article written by SFGN staff]