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To the South Florida Gay News,

Thank you for running this article!

This man should have never been on the grounds from day 1! It is a shame, a damn shame that any board member would protect this person. I personally know from other staff members at the Pride Center, that they knew for years, and even people who work there have asked in the past for this man not to be on their crews!

We as gay people want rights, want this, want that, well we have to be better and follow the laws of the state, and federal government, especially when children are involved.

Board members Mark Budwig, Dr. Leslie Leip, Chris Caputo, Craig Engel, Mitch Bloom, Jason Hagopian, Brenda Hartley, Ernest Olivas, Richard Safaty, Paul Smith, Jane Bolin, and James Walker. You should all resign, but first fire Robert Boo! This is inexcusable! No child should be at risk and you folks failed miserably! To defend these actions is putting everything done, every dollar donated, every volunteer, every hour worked by everyone at risk! You are all enablers now!

Shame, Shame, Shame.

Thank you Commissioner Julie Carson for speaking up! I further call on the City of Wilton Manors to pass an ordinance that any business has children under the age of 18 involved in programs, that a YEARLY background check be done for all employees and volunteers, this includes Churches, Day Cares, private schools and gyms associated with Children. These should be put on file at City Hall. There is no excuse for this and no tolerance for not protecting the children of our city and Broward County that come here to play, attend school, and/or instructional classes!

How can you dare call yourself equal if you will not protect children.

Thank you Heidi Siegal, and Richard Alalouf for doing the right thing!

Again, Robert Boo, you need to resign or be fired along with your board. How can you folks sleep at night?


— John Grzeszczak

President, Hammerhead Aquatics

Wilton Manors