The Miami Log Cabin Republican (LCR) Club, hosted an historic reception for two Gay Republican Congressional candidates: Carl DeMaio and Richard Tisei, from San Diego, CA and Lynnfield, MA, respectively.

Both Gay Republican candidates are well-respected by their State GOP Parties, and are the presumptive nominees to win in the California and Massachusetts GOP Primaries, says Mimi Planas, the gallant LCR Club President .

Carl DeMaio, is an immediate past San Diego Councilman, who helped force the recent resignation of the Democratic Mayor over a plethora of sexual harassment charges.

Richard Tisei, started his political career supporting Ronald Reagan and was a member of the Massachusetts State Legislature.

They are considered serious GOP challengers in the Blue states and possible favorites to win in the General Election.

Tisei is endorsed by the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund in February, whom the National Log Cabin office pressured 25 years ago to stop endorsing only Gay Democrats.

"CNN political commentator, Ana Navarro, and Miami GOP Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart also attended and spoke to our enthusiastic crowd of South Florida Gay conservatives," adds Ms. Planas.

The prolific role-model Miami Log Cabin Gay Republican Club is the national epicenter for all Gay GOP activity promoting well-attended events featuring elected Republican office-holders and candidates, while garnering substantial local media coverage from the Miami Herald.

Mimi Planas reports that her group of young conservative Gay professionals invited Governor Rick Scott, and hoped to host another reception in June with the Miami Young Republicans, and the other Log Cabin Clubs in Tampa and Fort Lauderdale.

"Governor Rick Scott singularly distinguished himself by cutting taxes 18 times, resulting in the highest drop in a state's unemployment rate nationally — from 12 percent to 6.3 percent. Performance matters,” says Gina Sosa, a Miami realtor and Treasurer of the Miami LCRs.

Ms. Sosa, who earned a Masters of Business Administration, stresses that, Governor Scott created an unprecedented $1.5 billion state surplus in Tallahassee, and gave public school teachers a significant pay raise".

The Miami Log Cabin Group is credited with producing the nation's largest Gay Republican vote in the Tri-County area, as confirmed by a 2011 study from a Florida university political science professor.

The study, commissioned by Lisa Keen Gay News Services, determined that 2010 mid-term election South Florida Gay voters went 48 percent Republican to 47 percent Democrat, more than any metropolitan area with a large concentration of Gay voters in the national electorate.

Conservatives and Republicans around the country give a hearty thumbs-up salute to the Miami LCR Club for exceptional and early grassroots leadership for all to emulate in 2014.

Matthew Tsien
Broward Republican Party