Dear Sir,

While you may have achieved the height of cleverness among religious dilettantes, your examples of "commands" are unfortunately far from the mark. They are responses to particular needs of a particular time in order to distinguish the children of Israel from the surrounding Gentiles and the Levitical and Aaronic priesthoods from one another and the general Hebrew population. But more importantly, Christians do not accept all of the Hebrew Testament as normative, Christ and Saint Paul making this quite clear.

This nation was founded by individuals who sought to be free to practice their faith freely, without restriction and coercion. Unfortunately, except for Maryland and its Catholic founders, they refused to grant the same freedom to others (Pennsylvania allowed everyone except papists).

Therefore, the Constitution was amended to prevent the Federal Government from interfering in religious practice, even though states continued to have state religions if they so desired until after the Civil War.

Insofar as your slander of red state populations and legislatures, it is expressive of your own hatreds and prejudices. Freedom to refrain from violating one's conscience is fundamental to the American experiment and recognized from the founding.

Quakers and Amish exempt from military service, Jehovah's Witnesses need not salute the flag, members of the military provided with paid chaplains, on and on. Whatever your situation, baking a cake or taking pictures of a gay wedding cannot rise to the importance of national security and defense.