Letters to the Editor: Reader Blasts Grindr Over Fake Profiles

Hello Jason,

So, last August when I got a $100 iTunes card for paying full price for a new phone after my old one was stolen, I used $60 of that to purchase a yearlong subscription to Grindr Plus so that I can use search filters and block as many people as I want. Recently, there has been a flood of fake profiles obviously operated by braindead pieces of shit who are phishing for phone numbers.

I've been diligently reporting each phisher to Grindr (not that they're paying me to do so), but apparently one of them made it past my keen skills of perception and got my number and has sold it to some company that calls itself SSI and says that it's from Ogden, Utah, and says that they do surveys. Surveys, my ass! I have since blocked their number, which is (385)-207-7137, and threatened to report them to the Attorney General of California.

However, I know that won't slow them down one bit, as a simple Google search for their number brought up a whole website devoted to complaining about them. I honestly don't care about whatever illegal scam they're trying to pull on unsuspecting victims.

But I do have a serious beef with how Grindr handles the complaints when they are raised by paying customers about how lousy their app is at sorting out the phishing scams from real profiles.

They basically just told me that it's my responsibility to report suspicious activity to them when I see it, which I already do. But lately I'm reporting dozens of fakes a day to them and I ask, what am I paying them for if I have to do this?

Seriously! I frankly don't understand why on earth anyone would pay to use it and I'm never doing it again. They should be paying me for all the work I'm putting in reporting fakes to them. What a bunch of idiots!"

Best regards,
Jeromy Carpenter

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