Letters to the Editor for Feb. 22, 2017

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Stop Being So PC!

Recent mugging is most certainly a hate crime

To the Editor:

On Sunday Feb. 12 at 3:30 a.m. Denis Kladchihin was chased down, pistol whipped and robbed on the 100 Block of NE 21st. Ct. Kladchihin was returning from the entertainment district of Wilton Manors.

A homeowner's video showed two violent robbers, reported as "one heavy-set Hispanic male and a skinny white or Hispanic," (a non-PC viewing of the video clearly showed two Black males), crouching in the bushes waiting for their prey, taking advantage of Kladchihin's distraction from his surroundings ; looking at his iPhone.

Unaware of the creatons about to attack. Denis ran faster than the perpetrators. The two maggots jumped into a "dark color 2012 Honda CRV," driven by a third perp; chased him down, whereupon they pistol-whipped Denis, requiring hospitalization and 13 stitches, stole his credit cards and $12.

A $3,000 reward is offered by the Wilton Manors police. Leads are to be directed to Detective Patrick Newton 954-390-2150 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Why isn't this considered a Hate Crime? A double standard? Hopefully the $3,000 "bounty" will motivate a snitch or vigilante.

Denis will have nightmares forever.

Someone in the DA's office needs to connect the dots. You don't have to be Inspector Clouseau or pussy-foot to know what has happened here; why was Denis singled out?

Not so coincidentally, burglars of similar descriptions, car and revolver hand-gun were videoed attempting to rob a Wilton Manors home on Saturday 2/18 at 2:45 p.m. on the 600 Block NE 22st.

I submit that the LGBTQ community is very appreciative of the Wilton Manors Police Department and the leadership of Mayor Gary Resnick. We just want to ensure that we don't "guild the lilly" in deference to PC in tracking down and bringing to justice these Hate Crime felons. An example must be made to preclude violent crimes from happening again in our community.

- Michael Velsmid

Wilton Manors


Editor’s Response

Mr. Velsmid believes SFGN was being “PC” (Politically Correct) by not naming both men on the tape as black. However, the video was not clear, and rather than jump to conclusions SFGN did the correct thing by reporting it just like this: “The men, one a heavy set black or Hispanic male and the other, a skinny white or Hispanic male.”

It’s also important to note that the four suspects that have now been arrested were not two black men as Mr. Velsmid was certain of. Instead four individuals have been arrested. Police identified them as Darrion Vankleeck, 18, a white male; Corey Dukes, 18, a black male; Adolfo Vela, 18, a white male; and Anne Feeley, 18, a white female.


You’re Right, Wilton Manors Needs A Vision!

Dear Sal:

I just attended the 62nd annual meeting of the Lauderdale by the Sea Chamber of Commerce Meeting ..Executive Director Richard Clark put together the meeting of almost 400 attendees at the Marriott Hotel at 7:30 AM.

Lauderdale by the Sea has a highly cohesive Commission and it has a very focused Vision for the City.... Richard Clark said the most important thing a City can do is to have a "VISION".

I totally support your editorial and agree with you that Wilton Manors lacks a real "VISION" also.. I have attended many commission meetings and I have witness just what you stated: The city Commission has commissioned many expert studies in the past years, and the City Commissioners have not acted upon these studies.. What a waste of time for committee members to work feverously only to have no action taken by the City.

Instead of speaking out about "saving trees" , or "speed bumps" being too low, the city commission meeting are lacking the real substance monthly on where is our vision and how to we implement them.. Important issues of safety, staffing, management, parking, train stops,
are only addressed occasionally and only when one commissioner brings up their favorite issue at that moment.

In looking around, we should take the examples from what Oakland Park is doing and Lauderdale by the Sea also. I feel these two cities have a well defined "VISION" and they are implementing and making those visions into a reality.

I applaud your editorial and I wish we can have a well defined vision for Business Growth and Business Development and a quality of life for our residents.

Joe Pallant

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