Your [Norm Kent’s] latest editorial “The Tabula Rasa of a New Year” suggest that we clean slate for the New Year and ends with listing many of the old ills of America.  Which is it? 

In my lifetime most of the problems you listed as part of America have been addressed.  In the 60's the President and the Reverend King referred to his people as Negroes — not Blacks or African Americans. No one uses that word today.  Things have changed. In case you haven't noticed we now have a Black President and Attorney General.  We have three women and a Black man on the Supreme Court. Three recent Secretary's of State were women, one of them Black.  The previous Speaker of the House of Representatives was a woman.  A crazy woman, but a woman none the less.

There were several things that America did in my lifetime that you failed to mention.  We won World War II and ended the Holocaust.  After the war we spent billions to re-build Europe.  We helped Japan to establish a democracy.  We created the United Nations and still provide most of the funding for its numerous humanitarian and peace-keeping programs.  We passed the GI Bill to help veterans get an education and buy homes. You speak as though shock treatment was an American invention and aimed at gays. In fact it was an accepted treatment throughout the developed world.  In the 50's however, we found a cure for polio and put an end to the iron lung.  In the 80's we identified and developed treatment for the HIV virus. You failed to mention any of those accomplishments of "Evil America."

America is the most generous country in the world and has been for a long time.  When was the last time you heard of a natural disaster that didn't include relief efforts from America.  And we're pretty generous to our own as well.  Each day millions of school kids receive free breakfasts and lunches and sometimes free dinners.  Each month a family of four on welfare receives more than $600 a month in food stamps.  In fact, since the "Great Society" and the "War on Poverty" were instituted the American people have generously contributed between seven to nine trillion dollars to the poor and needy of this country.  Seven to nine trillion dollars!  Think about that.

I know America isn't perfect as your publication often reminds us.  But, for the life me, I can't understand why you found it necessary to end this New Year's message with a vitriolic attack on America

Bruce Bant is a retired Army Sergeant Major with 22 years of service, including nearly four years in Vietnam. His final assignment before leaving the Army in 1980 was with the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense. His awards and decorations include the Legion of Merit, two Bronze Stars, The Purple Heart, the Meritorious Service medal, three Joint Service Commendation medals, and four Army Commendation Medals. He is an occasional contributor to SFGN under the banner of Bant Rant.