While it only took a small boy in the fairy tale about the emperor who had no clothes on to point out to the city folk that the emperor was naked, it's unfortunate that it took yet another death on Wilton Drive for more residents of Wilton Manors to see that the long reign of Emperor (Mayor) Resnick and his friends in City Hall has been all about talk that's not backed up with substance.

Why does it take a group of protesters and a overflowing City Hall meeting to finally get Resnick to wake up and smell the coffee? Probably the fact that he only won the last election by about 500 votes with a very low voter turnout during the last mayoral election in Wilton Manors and that simply billing yourself as a "Gay" mayor isn't cutting the mustard anymore when he has ignored doing the job he's paid to do, which includes insuring public safety.

Now the emperor has had signs posted around Wilton Manors telling pedestrians to be more careful on Wilton Drive. Where are the signs around Wilton Manors telling drivers to obey the speed limits and watch out for pedestrians and back this up with the presence of Wilton Manors police on Wilton Drive? Is Wilton Manors so crime ridden and poor that Emperor Resnick can't put a regular police presence on Wilton Drive?

In an area where the car culture has ruled for far too long with four and six lane highways named "Boulevards" and "Drives," it's time for sane citizens to take back Wilton "Drive" and make it the pedestrian and bicycle friendly street it was originally designed to be when Wilton Manors was founded. Let's allow for the creation of a sanctuary on Wilton Drive where people who want to get out of their cars and stroll, shop, dine and interact with others can do so safely instead of continuing to give preference to the air polluting, greenhouse gas emitting car culture that other cities are working to put the brakes on.

Richard Claycomb