Reader blasts Publisher Norm Kent over scathing editorial


Hi, I am forced to write to today because I am terribly disappointed in your publisher, Mr. Norm Kent. I have just finished reading his article on this past weeks "Stonewall Festival and Parade". First off, why did "he" write it? Why didn't he recuse himself from this project. He loses all credibility when we all know that he is the chairman for the forthcoming "Fort Lauderdale Pride" event. And, to bad mouth this festival with such rancor, baffles this reader. I think I am in a terrific position to render my opinion, more so than Mr. Kent. I was a volunteer in the morning and was in the parade in the afternoon and evening. One thing though. "Should we refuse entry to anyone that wants to be in the parade, Mr. Kent"? "Should we exempt anyone because it upsets us"? What floats and advertisers that were there were more than welcomed to a festival that constantly loses more and more money every year. Perhaps if more of the "Drives" employers spent some of the mountains of money that they make off the gay consumer, we would have a more worthy parade and festival.

I started working on Saturday morning at 8:30AM and worked in the "Command Center", which was located inside Wilton Manors City Hall. I was with 2 ladies, Barbara and Bobbie, who were instrumental in helping drivers get on the Drive and set up their booths, plus we were able to direct others, to the abundance of parking that was available. We and Sterling Accounting were the main venues to be used to handle all issues. Just so everyone knows, at 11:00AM the "Wilton Manors Chief of Police", told "Jeff", the man who was the CEO so to speak of this entire festival, "that we were 5 hours ahead of last year". As Jeff needed help, I went off with him on several errands. He was amazing and deserves kudos from everyone. He handled so many issues, my mind was spinning. I had to leave my post for a little rest because I had to be back at "The Fort Lauderdale High School", to join the float I was privaledged to be on. What a thrill! What a treat for me! I was on , "The Village Pub", float next to Mr./Ms. Village Pub, Ms. Alexis Couture and I feel bad, I can't remember Mr. Pub. Like total Wow. If any one gets this chance please don't hesitate, what a check on my bucket list, if it was there to begin with?

The Parade got started a little late, only 45 minutes and was over within an hour. It traveled along nicely. Maybe next year we can get some of the schools to send their band. It's always nice to see marching kids playing in a band. I for one, being on the front of the float, seeing all those thousands of people staring up at you and waving and being friendly, They were obviously not aware of Mr. Kents, feelings.

You are a bad sport, sir. You must remember your position in the community. If you want us to like your festival, you must be kinder to everyone else.

Howard Novie
Fort Lauderdale, Fl.