This e-mail is regarding the proposed low-income housing at the Pride Center. The following are some points to consider after reading the e-mail from the PC that went out recently.

It started as low-income and has changed to affordable.

It started as LGBTQ Senior Housing, changed to self-selected, and has changed to Senior Housing with a focus on LGBTQ.

It started as 48 units, went to 120 and now is proposed at 130 units. More than double the density of the proposed project at 26th and 15th.

We were told it was a done deal. The City has no plans and drawings. There is still no Land Use change.

There has been no feasibility study.

There has been no impact study.

120 - 130 non-tax payer residents generating over $1 million dollars to the Pride Center and nothing to WM. Is there sustainability problem at the PC? A thinly veiled revenue generator?

PC presents that it has had long discussions with its BOD and senior housing organizations - but no discussions with the community to see if the community is interested in hosting this project in our backyard.

Could this lead to up to four years of construction at the Equality Park?

Broward County does add sexual orientation to the Federal list of protected classes but that is protection FROM discrimination.

Also HIV/AIDS individuals and the elderly/disabled can certainly be favored, but of course, PC could not try to sell the project as a 5 story low income nursing home.

"The 9 percent Federal Tax Credit issued by Florida Housing” is governed by the Dept. of Treasury under Section 252 of the Tax Reform Act 1986 and Section 42 of the IRS Code. The amount each state is allocated changes yearly. These are a type of private bonding/fundraising, selling federal securities to local banks and investors. Federal regulations still apply and that there is no loophole to favor LGBTQ tenants.

Are these articles by the PC actually setting up the WM Commissioners to be the bad guys if they don't approve this project? (that hasn't even yet been presented).


— Matthew Dreger